Chatter & Chow

This past weekend, November 9, was the first ever Chatter & Chow. What an amazing day!

First, thank you to the team at Chianti’s Pizza & Pasta for so graciously providing the Brunch and a beautiful place to host this event.

We had an amazing show of support with about 30 people in attendance. I am so proud of this. I was worried we would have not one person show. It was amazing to see Parents, Grandparents and Self Advocates come to this meeting!

At C&C, I was able to discuss our inspiration and vision for the tiny home community, “Holland”. We had a few moments of a Q&A session and most importantly, there was time to get to meet and learn about one another. Those are the moments I am most grateful for. It has been my experience that families like mine are not always Welcomed or feel uneasy when trying to attend events or playgroups. We need to build each other up!

I’d like to thank our VP, Katie, for capturing this photo of myself and my youngest daughter. I think it just shows that a Mother’s work is never done!

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