International Persons with disabilities day

Today, December 3rd, is “International Day of People with Disabilities”.

Today, we celebrate those living with differing abilities. We celebrate the #WORLDCHANGERS and the people seeking out their dreams, and simply enjoying all life has given them.

Today, we raise our voice for inclusion, for every person in ALL areas of life, some we take for granted, everyday – a right to free education, affordable housing, equal wage employment, transportation, affordable healthcare, and a supportive community.

Today, we make a commitment to be part of a worldwide vision, where people of all abilities are recognized and celebrated for their contributions.

Being disabled doesn’t mean your life is less valuable. It doesn’t mean you don’t have the same aspirations as others. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create and work to achieve your goals.

It may mean the way you go about achieving those dreams looks different. It may mean you need accommodations, supports, or services. It may mean the path to the dream looks different.

Today, may we all have the same opportunities and support to reach our goals.

Some words borrowed from our friends at @calebs_crew

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