DOwn syndrome Advocacy -florida specialty license

***UPDATE 01/10/2022

Our Cty Beautiful is now being represented on both the HOR and Senate side of the legislature! Our bill numbers are:

House Bill 213

Senate Bill 1410

We want to take a moment and tell Representative Daisy Morales @daisy4florida and Senator Randolph Bracy @randolphbracy how grateful we are to them for hearing the mission of the Down syndrome Advocacy/Awareness license plate and for believing in it. They have done a tremendous amount of work to get us this far and now it is up to US, the ADVOCATES to bring it home.

You can support @OurCityBeautiful and be a part of making this happen by calling or emailing the legislatures on both sides of committees and asking them to say #YEStoHB213 and #YEStoSB1410. You will find a list of all committee members pinned to the top of our Facebook page and on our website.

Please take the time to reach out to any/all of these Representatives and Senators.

House of Representatives HB213

Tourism Committee

Representative Brad Drake

(850) 951-0547

Representative Chip LaMarca

(954) 784-4531

Representative  Emily Slosberg

(561) 496-5940

Representative Kamia Brown

(407) 297-2001

Representative James Buchanan

(941) 429-4560

Representative Linda Chaney

(727) 341-7385

Representative Trace Davis 

(904) 353-2180

Representative  Randy Fine

(321) 409-2017

Representative Dotie Joseph

(305) 892-4296

Representative Fiona McFarland

(941) 361-2465

Representative Rick Roth

(561) 625-5176

Representative  Jason Shoaf

(850) 508-3207

Representative  David Silvers

(561) 357-4824

Representative Kelly Skidmore

(561) 470-2086

Representative Jackie Toledo

(813) 281-5549

Representative DanaTrabulsy – (772) 595-1391

Representative Jayer Williamson- (850) 889-4974

Representative  Clay Yarborough – (904) 723-5300

Commerce Committee

Representative Blaise Ingoglia

(352) 688-5004

Representative Webster Barnaby

(386) 851-0799

Representative  Charles Clemons

(352) 498-1356

Representative  Dan Daley

(954) 845-6005

Representative  Nick DiCeglie

(727) 588-7090

Representative Tom  Fabricio

(305) 364-3064

Representative  Joseph Geller

(954) 924-3708

Representative  Brett Hage

(352) 315-4445

Representative Evan Jenne

(954) 893-5001

Representative Angela Nixon

(904) 924-1500

Representative Chris Latvala

(727) 724-3000

Representative Randall Maggard

(813) 780-0667

Representative  Lawrence McClure

(813) 757-9110

Representative Anika Omphroy

(954) 747-7933

Representative Scott Plakon

(407) 262-7423

Representative Rene Plasenca 

(689) 206-2703

Representative Bob Rommel

(239) 417-6200

Representative Geraldine  Thompson

(407) 245-0288

Representative Josie Tomkow

(863) 968-5666

Representative Matt Willhite


Senate Transportation Committee SB 1410

Senator Gayle Harrell


Senator Keith Perry


Senator Lori Berman


Senator George Gainer


Senator Shevrin Jones


Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez


Senator Tom Wright


**UPDATE: 10/26/2021

Representative Daisy Morales has taken the lead role in sponsoring this petition n the Florida House of Representatives. Our petition for the advocacy plate s now included in House Bill 213.

Here is where we need help: we need Florida residents to reach out to other local legislature and specifically, Representative Brad Drake, to tell them we want the Down syndrome plate made available to us. You can support us by calling or emailing them. Below is Rep. Drake’s contact information. He s the committee chairperson for the committee we are reviewed by before we can move to the big vote in Tallahassee. Please, make this a task that you get done soon! Ask him to vote YES to HB213.

Representative Brad Drake

372 Highway 83 NorthDeFuniak Springs, FL 32433-3800

(850) 951-0547

Again, you can visit the Facebook page linked below to learn the in and out of the purpose of this plate and what it will support. **

The team at OCB has been diligently researching and reaching out to the local legislature on the possibility of having a Down syndrome Awareness license plate brought to the list of choices.

There is much time, research, and honestly, some stress that goes into having this created. It isn’t as easy as it seemingly should be. Along with designing a plate that would be pleasing for many people, we have to meet and network with a legislature representative who would be willing to take on our request and include it in an upcoming legislative bill. Then it has to be approved by a majority in the Senate and House of Representatives. Once approved, we are responsible for pre-selling 3,000 plates and if we do not meet that minimum, it is a NO GO from there.

It is possible for YOU, Florida residents, to help us gain the attention of our representatives and let them know we want the choice! Click to be taken to our petition that we are using to show our voice of choice!


We have created a page on Facebook for easy follow-up and to see our progress. This is a slow process, and we don’t expect to see any movement until 2022.


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