florida novelty license plate

The team at OCB has been diligently researching and reaching out to local legislature on the possibility of having a Down syndrome Awareness license plate brought to the list of choices.

There is much time, research, and honestly, some stress that goes into having this created. It isn’t as easy as it seemingly should be. Along with designing a plate that would be pleasing for many people, we have to meet and network with a legislature representative who would be willing to take on our request and include it in an upcoming legislative bill. Then it has to be approved by a majority in the Senate and House of Representatives. Once approved, we are responsible for pre-selling 3,000 plates and if we do not meet that minimum, it is a NO GO from there.

It is possible for YOU, Florida residents, to help us gain the attention of our representatives and let them know we want the choice! Click to be taken to our petition that we are using to show our voice of choice!


We have created a page on Facebook for easy follow-up and to see our progress. This is a slow process, and we don’t expect to see any movement until 2022.


888 8/20/2021 Update-

House Representative Daisy Morales will be heading a bill for the legislature to have this license plate added!

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