The ultimate end and forever goal of OCB is to build an Independent, but assistive living community for adults with Down Syndrome and other moderate special needs.

There are many adults who could successfully live independently if given the opportunity and tools to do so. We want to provide this opportunity. We want to see individuals with abilities like our own children succeed.

Here are a few ideas we have in mind:

-5/10 acres, gated and secured with access only to those who have gone through a security screening.

-One main “Common Area” where we can have community meals, entertainment, group exercise, laundry facility, office area, sleeping quarters for overnight staff

-Tiny Homes: Each individual will have their own living quarters outside the main “Common Area”. Their own home to decorate and make their own. A space just for them.

-Workplace Assistance: Working is a huge factor in independence. We will work to partner with small business in the area (or create something of our own as well). We can help them with resume, interview skills, getting to and from work so they may earn their own paychecks at a fair and honest wage.

-Community Involvement: I hope to have a small barn with a handful of animals.. We would have everyone pitch in to keep the barn and animals clean, fed and so forth. Maybe a community garden for us all to work in. We will of course take trips out shopping, to the Doctor and the grocery store or wherever else they want to go. 🙂 Community Support is very important to me and something I strive to instill in my children is that we have to be helpers. Helpers to each other and our community, so I will also find some type of community work for us to all pitch in and help with at least once a quarter.