Wow! We’ve come so far since those initial dream drawings Hope created of how she initially envisioned HOLLAND. The potential of this tiny home community is so big that it can be tough to imagine. We are thrilled to share with you the first looks at what the team is putting together behind the scenes.

The time, effort, work, sweat we plan to put into this community is the most rewarding task we have been led to take on. God has called us to do a lot of tiny things that equal to BIG dreams. #tinyhomesBigdreams

The team at Our City Beautiful will be building each and every unit within the HOLLAND community. We hope to have some help from a few fellow organizations but, nonetheless, each unit will have the sweat, possibly blood, and surely a lot of tears of our team!

We are THRILLED to share with you the looks of one of the models we will be building.

Stay tuned for more information on our building plans, the story about another huge leap of faith, and how we are moving forward.

Each tiny home will come complete on a foundation, A/C, full bathroom, and necessary appliances. Full kitchen and Laundry facilities will be inside the community house for open use.

The initial Vision…
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