Down syndrome awareness plate – hb213

#YEStoHB213 Urgent News: Our petition to create the DS Advocacy license plate is now included in HB213 and sts before two committees. We must pass these committees before we can move forward. We need your voice NOW! We have created a template letter that you can adjust and fill in your details. We must call, email, and mail the chairperson to let them know we want our bill to be heard in Tallahassee. I will include the name, address, mailing address, and email address of Representative Brad Drake, committee chairperson, in the comments. You can find the template letter, here:

Of course, you can also create an original letter to mail or email. Calling and leaving a voicemail is sufficient as well. Just be sure to ask them to say “YES!” to House Bill 213.

Representative Brad Drake

372 Highway 83 North

DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433-3800

(850) 951-0547

down syndrome acceptance month

October starts a very exciting time for us! Not only are we gearing up for all things fall, pumpkins, and costume parties but, it is also Down syndrome Awareness Month.

Now, most people are aware that Down syndrome exists so, our prerogative isn’t much about making people aware as much as it is about giving people facts to make them more ACCEPTING of Down syndrome.

It is time to ditch those old textbook definitions and get in touch with TODAY’s people and what they CAN do!

We will meet some people and learn some facts throughout the month. Let’s Roll!

destination holland

September 7, 2021 7:00 pm, is the 1st official prayer date for DESTINATION HOLLAND, our official prayer team gathering.

STOP what you’re doing each Tuesday night @ 7:00 and pray with the OCB team. Pray for good health, clear minds, guidance, fundraising, our future neighbors at HOLLAND, and all the team it will take to create this space.

How can our team pray for you? Please, feel free to send us a message or email on how we can be of support to you.

office celebration

Celebrate good times. COME ON!

Last month, on July 31st, we gathered the OCB team and the community to celebrate our very own office space. Two years of working in and out of dining rooms, bedrooms, and random spaces have seen their time come and go! Of course, it’s exciting to have a dedicated and peaceful space to make phone calls, send emails, and work on blog posts but, hey! Can you believe it has been more than two years now since Our City Beautiful was founded?

It is a major God wink that we found this space because we weren’t necessarily looking for one. But, when the team even began considering the budgetary needs, we knew the space had to include Ev’ry thing… rent, utilities, wi-fi- a need that isn’t possible, in this area for a price range we needed, under $500 a month! IMPOSSIBLE!

A before look, after we had begun moving things in. Before this, this room was packed with random things.

We happened upon, The Neighborhood Co-Op, a project started by The United Methodist Church of Sanford in our community. Just before the height of the Covid-19 chaos, the church wanted to find a way to support their community using a building not in use on their property. So the dream of the church is to support the community that s supporting the community, and their answer to that dream became the co-op. They take these rooms/office spaces and rent them to local non-profits at a fraction of the cost of renting a traditional commercial space. So Y’all, we have full use of this space with utilities, wi-fi, and conference space for under $400 a month!

The After.

It took some work but, look how beautiful and peaceful. This is the place where we are going to make an amazing community happen…where it is already happening.

We are proud to be in a space surrounded by many like-minded people and organizations. One of our neighbors is The Picnic Project, a team that provides resources and food for the local homeless population. We plan to team up with them a few times throughout the year to work their “packing days” when they pack up bags of food and distribute them to the community.

Each time I walk through these doors, I am reminded how GOD is working through us, as individuals first, then as a team. Our personal relationships and our own walk of faith are what brought us to the work we are doing. It is BIG and necessary work.

If you’d like to come by to visit send us a message to schedule. We are typically in the office on Tuesday, Thursday, and sometimes Friday. Peep this photo of the corkboard for a glimpse at the tiny homes that will make up HOLLAND.