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We are thrilled to announce, THE SUPPER CLUB, the first major program we would like to bring into our community of amazing families.

How many times have you come home after a long day of therapies, appointments, work, school or from the hospital just in time to scramble for dinner? Not only make it but even figure out what to make? From our family to yours, we know how truly upsetting that can be.

THE SUPPER CLUB is here to prayerfully alleviate a little of that stress. Allow us to become a part of your team, even if only a couple times a month, and let us do the planning, shopping, preparing and delivering!

To begin, we will pilot this program to SEMINOLE County, Florida residents first. We will start with two families to receive two meals a month. The goal is to build a rotating list of families to serve and receive supper, while building a relationship with fellow families.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide grocery store gift cards to the meal providers to use fresh and nutritional ingredients as well as the proper tools needed to pack the meals.

Please join us by signing up using the Google form below. We will be in touch to assign your date and family for providers and recipients.