WHO we are

The Chinchak’s- Founding Family

We believe family has a deeper meaning than just a shared name. Family is love, laughter, sadness, grieving together, rejoicing and worshipping together. All of these feelings can be felt with strangers, loved ones, both new and old, community members and so on.

After the adoption’s of our two little boys with Down Syndrome, we began to wonder what plan of action would be taken if something happened to us. We know they have siblings who would happily step in to see they are cared for, but then we thought, “what about other parents? What if siblings are not an option”? So the wheels began turning, over and over, and Our City Beautiful was born.

Katherine Dilly

Hi! My name is Katherine Dilley. I feel very honored to be serving on the Board for Our City Beautiful. I have been a pediatric Speech/Language Pathologist in the Central Florida community for the past 12 years which I enjoy just as much, if not more, now than my first day in this profession. I love helping children unwrap their gift of communication, regardless of age, mode, or ability. Personally, I have one son, Tyler, a wonderfully supportive partner, Craig, and 3 kitties, Mr. Pib, Sheru & Mako. I love going to Sea World with Tyler, watching musicals, and singing in the CFCArts choir when I have free time.

Erin Ballard

Hi! I’m Erin Ballard. I am honored to be a part of Our City Beautiful and the Chinchak’s vision to serve and support individuals with special needs through the Holland community. My heart is drawn to supporting and encouraging families whose children have extra needs such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Down Syndrome.

Currently I am a homeschool mom and small business owner. My husband and I have two boys, ages six and nine and their three cats, who keep us quite busy. We are very involved in our local church, both serving in the children’s department. I am looking forward to being along to see how God uses OCB and Holland to bless so many lives!

Betzaida Martinez-Fontenot

Betzaida Martinez is a Puerto Rico native who moved to the U.S. at age 8. As she grew, the paths she chose in life were always decided on the basis of helping people. In 2013 Betzaida began working with her current employer in their accounting department, but kept her eyes on the H.R. and payroll department knowing that would be her best opportunity to help the people within her company. In 2014, a short year later, Betzaida’s goal was realized and she became the payroll manager for the entire company. This positioned her to be in contact with all employees, and gave her the opportunity to share her positive attitude and fun-loving approach to her job with everyone. Betzaida’s natural drive to help others and spread positivity is exactly what led her to Our City Beautiful. Believing in the dream and vision laid out by her dear friend, Hope, she knew right away the organization’s goals were a cause she needed to be a part of. Betzaida has expressed deep gratitude for this opportunity to spread her compassion and kindness through Our City Beautiful, and Our City Beautiful is grateful for her as well.

Yvonne Ilasi

As a Mother of 2 children, one autistic and one gifted, I am a strong supporter of inclusive education.

It is an honor to currently serve as a board member at my daughter’s school. As of present, I am serving on the ESE Parent Input Committee and in the past, a member of the Student Advisory Council (SAC) and Parent Teacher Association (PTS) at my children’s school.

My qualifications are not from formal training, but are from life experiences, I have attended conferences, seminars, presentations, workshops, trainings and classes to help further my knowledge and skills to be a strong advocate for my children’s unique needs. As a modern mother and wife, I have adopted the life sills of the educator, doctor, and therapist for my children.

I am a graduate of Partners in Policymaking, a leadership and advocacy training program to make positive changes for people with disabilities in how they work, live and are educated. It is also where I met Hope, which inspired me to be involved with Our City Beautiful.